Liliane Lijn

Born in New York in 1939, Liliane Lijn now lives and works in London. Lijn studied Archaeology and History of Art at the Sorbonne in Paris, where her interest in science and her friendships with Greek sculptor Takis, and Beat poets William Burroughs, Bryan Gysin and Nazli Nour inspired her early works with light and text.

Best known for her work with language and light, Lijn has exhibited internationally since the 1960s. Her work features in numerous collections including, Tate London, the British Museum, and FNAC, Paris.

In 2013, Lijn was one of six artists short-listed for the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square.

By its very nature artist Liliane Lijn's practice is open to change and her work often involves materials that can no longer be found. 

The contribution of women to our culture, to human culture is considered minimal and for sure it wasn’t minimal…even a little bit of digging will make you realise women contributed a big deal on every level. But even in my own lifetime I see their contributions fading away. I know of many women artists who are now more or less forgotten.

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