First Round Of 33 Artists And Estates Awarded £200k In Art360 Project June 30, 2016

Art360: The artistic practices of the selected 33 artists are wide ranging.

DACS Foundation is delighted to announce the first group of 26 artists and estates to participate in the Art360 project - the most ambitious public project to date to support the sustainability and development of artists’ legacies for future generations.

Congratulations to:

  • David Batchelor
  • Richard Billingham
  • Rut Blees Luxemburg
  • Michelle Charles
  • Adam Chodzko
  • Peter de Francia Estate
  • Angela de la Cruz
  • Cathy de Monchaux
  • Jeffrey Dennis
  • Maggie Evans Estate
  • Susanna Heron
  • John Hilliard
  • Alexis Hunter Estate
  • John Latham Archive
  • Goshka Macuga
  • Hayley Newman
  • Keith Piper
  • Jacqueline Poncelet
  • Franklyn Rodgers
  • Eva Rothschild
  • Terry Smith
  • Sarah Staton
  • Anne Tallentire
  • David Ward
  • Alison Wilding
  • Austin Wright Estate

The artists selected will join Bettina BuckMaria ChevskaRose EnglishJeff Keen EstateLiliane LijnBarbara Steveni, and Edward Woodman who are already taking part in the project’s pilot phase. The artistic practices of the 33 artists are wide ranging, including: sculpture, film, performance, digital media, photography, painting and site specific art. Click here to visit our artists' profile pages

Supporting the sustainability of artist’s legacies

The total £200,000 award made to artists includes direct investment in each of the artists with additional investment in the production of film interviews, directed by artist and filmmaker David Bickerstaff.

Each artist and estate chosen presents a unique challenge in legacy planning and the lessons to be brought to the surface will have a resounding effect for future generations of artists in directing their own legacies.

Over the course of three years, the action research project will work with 100 modern and contemporary artists offering each artist or estate up to £6,000 investment in obtaining the best technical services and expert advice that is relevant to their circumstances and requirements to begin securing the material and ephemeral aspects of their legacy.

Artists responding to the Art360 project

“I am aware of the complexities surrounding a legacy and my attitude up to now has been 'when you're dead, you're dead'.” Alison Wilding
“As a child, and now an adult, I continue to be inspired by the lives of artists. My own personal life story is unique and I would like to begin the process of sharing it through the cultural history of my work.” Hayley Newman
“My career has been a diverse one as I never wanted to stay still but rather go on discovering new ways of working and new forms of expression. But this constant process of change has led to a lack of attention on my part, to my past. My history feels fragmented. I feel that it is time to make a proper record of everything I have achieved, to draw all these threads together.” Jacqueline Poncelet

How the artists were selected

The first round of open-submission applications, which launched in February and closed in April, solicited an impressive range of challenges and compelling concerns from 159 artists and their heirs about how to preserve the context and evidence of their art. Applicants represented 16 nationalities, applied from every region of the UK and with careers spanning from early career artists to established estates.  

Artists were chosen by a selection panel comprised of Art360 artist Liliane Lijn and artists Thomson & Craighead and Simon Callery, along with DACS CEO Gilane Tawadros.

The application process will open again in 2017 and 2018 to select the remaining artists to participate in the three year project.

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